• Something About Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery

    Founder and director of five non-profit Nature Life Hospitals in Kerala, India, Dr. Jacob Vadakkanchery is recognized internationally for his naturopathic, health-restoring philosophy, Nature Cure.Lecturing on the innate healing power of the body as well as its sacred way of naturally detoxifying and communicating with its person, Dr.Jacob’s teachings cover the significance of listening to our bodies and achieving maximum health without the use of medications.He examines topics such as pain and illness, including cancer, AIDS, and auto-immune diseases, as well as the dangers of allopathic treatments and health and medical myths.Indeed, with a reputation for curing even cancer, and for raising a constant fuss within the pharmaceutical industry, Dr.Jacob is renowned for his instinctive ability to diagnose physical problems simply by observing a patient’s face.

  • The Spirit Of Assissi National Award

    Jacob became the first recipient of “The Spirit of Assissi National Award” in 1995 for his service to the poor and for social change.

  • Today

    Today, Dr.Jacob is the Indian coordinator for Peace Brigades International, joint secretary for the Ghandi Peace Foundation in Cochin, and chairman for Janarogya Prasthanm (People’s Health Movement) in Kerala State, which fights against the malpractice of modern medicine.Dr.Jacob’s other commitments include editor, publisher, and printer of Nature Cure Magazine, as well as chairman (and founder) of Swasraya Vypeen, an organization for the self reliant lifestyle, social justice, and people’s power of Vypeen Island.Furthermore, Dr.Jacob performs silent fasting from Nagasaki Day to Hiroshima Day for world peace.

  • Project Vision

    Jacob has dedicated his life to social work and service to the poor, without the help of financial sponsorships or donations.In 1980, Dr.Jacob joined the Gandhian Movement and became an organizer in the Kerala Prohibition Council to help village women fight against alcoholism.Sitting before the entrance of liqueur shops to prevent the sale of alcohol, Dr.Jacob was often publicly beaten and arrested eight times, narrowly escaping life-threatening circumstances.Yet his actions forced the government to close over 10,000 county-made liquor shops in the province of Kerala state.