Why is pain a good sign?

Pain is our body's way of communicating with us and diseases are the cleansing steps of the body. Pain is your friend, indicating that we need to change our lifestyles in order to maintain wellness. If we didn't have pain, we would die. Dr. Jacob likes to use the example which supposes you are watching a movie and someone sneaks up behind you and stabs you in the back. If you could not feel pain, you would continue to enjoy the movie until all the blood had drained from your body and you died.
Pain wakes us up calls our attention to physical problems, which need to be addressed. Headaches, for example, are the body's message that we are over-exerting ourselves mentally and physically, and require a dark, tranquil or silent environment that will allow us to relax. Likewise, inflammation warns us not to overwhelm certain parts of the body and necessitates rest. Pain and discomfort, it seems, are the only signs we listen to ... and consequently, run away from. Doctors capitalize on our fear of pain and tell us that pain is bad and must be silenced with their costly medications.
Be aware that you can never escape the punishment of your body when you violate natural laws. We cannot run away from pain with medications and degenerating food or the consequences will be greater. When a prisoner escapes from jail and is caught, his punishment is double. The same rule of thumb applies to your body. So be humble and accept your punishment of unpleasant or prolonged healing crises.

There is no miracle cure. The only thing that can heal an organic system is itself.

Only humans suffer from disease. Do we ever hear of wild bears with tonsillitis? Otters with Gastro-Intestinal Disorder? Only domesticated animals receiving vaccinations and medical treatments, or on diets where food was processed from a factory, suffer from cancer and diseases. We bring diseases on ourselves when we eat degenerating foods, live unhealthy lifestyles, and suppress our natural healing systems with poisonous medications. Humans are disconnected from their bodies. Animals understand their bodies' natural laws and methods of cleansing.
Step 1: Our body detoxifies normally everyday using the following Ordinary Cleansing Methods:

Obviously the inability to breathe will lead to death in a matter of minutes; however, the inability to breathe properly leads to tiredness, asthma, and oftentimes, cancer. Problems with sweating occur when we block our pores with lotions, powders, creams, and cosmetics and leads to kidney damage, and allergies. Constipation or problems urinating cause haemorrhoids, heart problems, high blood pressure, liver damage, and blood problems. Lastly, the inability to menstruate causes harm to the hormones and reproductive system.
Step 2: When blockages occur and the ability to utilize our Ordinary Cleansing Methods is obstructed, the body must employ Extraordinary Cleansing Methods in order to save the body from permanent damage.

Being sick does not indicate that something is wrong, but rather insinuates that the body's natural healing process is currently taking place. So what is sickness? Stomach ache, vomiting, fever, sore throat, to name a few, are not indicators that our bodies are weak and under attack, but rather signs that reveal strength and the ability to detoxify our systems. While the body eliminates waste everyday, through sweat, urine, and stools, it occasionally calls for emergency detoxification such as vomiting, diarrhoea, skin rashes, colds, or fever. Let's examine each:

When experiencing these Extraordinary Cleansing Methods, doctors will tell you to eat as much as possible (especially protein) to build strength and take expensive medications. On the contrary, both suggestions are counter-productive due to the fact that:

Your body is always trying to help you but are you allowing it to?

What is the first step before repainting your house? Removing the old chipped paint, dust particles, and corrosion, right? Similarly, we must remove the toxic materials from our body before we can regain strength and acquire a healthy body composition. Yet why is it that we shower and scrub our outer bodies on a regular basis, while never give a thought to cleansing the insides?
Instinctively, our bodies attempt to detox in order to rid ourselves of unwanted poisons. We feel like vomiting when taking medication on an empty stomach because the body immediately tries to reject the toxic material. Yet, by taking medications with food, as doctors suggest, we can sneak drugs into the body while it is focussed on digestion.
Who vomits more frequently – adults or children? Naturally, the latter – babies and children have stronger cells and are more inclined to regurgitate and vomit, so as to eliminate foreign pollutants through detoxification. In fact, infants scream and fight for their lives when their parents or doctors force medications down their throats or give them injections and vaccinations. Infants understand that nothing, especially poison, should enter their system when their bodies are contending with toxins.
Let's take a look at nature. What does your dog do when it is sick? You feed it, it won't eat. You try to give it medicine, it refuses. The dog takes total rest and instinctively reduces its food intake so that its body may correct its problem. If it cannot vomit on its own, it will eat some grass to promote vomiting, and once the detoxification is complete, your dog is back to its old self again. Animals understand balance – they rest when tired, eat when hungry, stretch and exercise when feeling stiff, fast when the body is detoxifying, and know how to preserve their energy. Diurnal animals wake up at sunrise, rest at sunset, sunbathe before the sun is too hot or otherwise rest in shade. Yet the human ego likes to be heroic, enjoys sympathy, thrive on excuses, and escapes discomfort or pain. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies take full of advantage of this.
Detoxifying is a natural, instinctive healing mechanism that keeps the body alive. However, when taking medications and consuming only degenerating, toxic foods, the body can only try to contend with and store the poisonous material. The key to health and longevity is to allow your body to follow through with its healing power, rather than suppress it, like we are advised by physicians.