About Nature Life

We would like to state at the outset that it is not about us that we have to say but ABOUT YOU…

So allow us to begin with what many of you have shared with Nature Life International over the past few years that justify our presence in Kerala.

"I am a 51 year old with 100 kg body weight. I underwent angioplasty 3 years back and have been diagnosed with border stage of Diabetes and also blood pressure".

"I am a 35 year old with 135 kg body weight and high cholesterol. I am a person who has been suffering from BP and blood sugar. I have been on medication for the past few years".

"I am a 40 year old using glucophage and diamicron tablets with a blood sugar level 200-250".

Many of the above statements may sound familiar to you and you could perhaps identify with them as either you yourself or some close is undergoing discomfort on account of the condition.

A close examination of the above most commonly stated information from many shows that many would like to reduce or lessen some factor in the body that has taken away their health- it could be to reduce body weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol or to address specific problems like allergy, cancer, arthritis and so on. There are many who would like to be free of medical intervention and lead a life that is close to normal.

It is our observations, concern and experiences with isolated encounters with the public in Kerala with problems and distressing situations like the above said that made us start an attempt like the Nature Life International Movement. While attempting to address and handle the situation by channelizing the healing power of the human body we also came across the miraculous changes that would accompany when chemical intervention is phased out or stopped. It also became obvious that many of the conditions are caused by what we eat- either too much or the wrong food at the wrong time and the wrong reason. It was also clear that a slight change in life style along with attitudes would usher in fresh energy, healing and happiness and comfort to the body and mind. This also revealed the use; overuse and misuse of chemicals in the name of medicines would delay the healing and most often lead to new ailments and an incurable state.

The basis of Nature Life International

The movement Nature Life International started as a small seed in the South Indian State of Kerala in 1998. There are 2 major guiding principles behind this:

  1. Nature sustains all life as it provides energy, water, air and the base for sustenance and survival. She is the originator of a healthy, happy and a peaceful life. It is this most simple fact that is the idea behind Nature Cure.
    This medical system of curing the human body using the basic powers of Nature dates back to aeons. A tribal woman who uses the sun’s energy to heal her fever, a Chinese elder who gives a wet pack on the stomach to relieve an ache have all resorted to the most powerful philosophy of Nature Cure.
  2. The power of Nature Cure lies in the experience and trust that it places on the innate strength of the body to correct itself. The body wants to be in a state of equilibrium and harmony. It always attempts to correct itself using the simple yet most effective support of air, water, soil, sun and food. The body tries to get back to Health and not stay in a state of discomfort and uneasiness. Any attempt to not respect this and use artificial means to suppress, ignore and overstep this vital healing process will result in more disarray and disorder.