Nature Cure

Nature cure – an overview

Naturopathy is a healing method that has its roots in almost all cultures. India’s Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Greek medicine, and all lay great emphasis on the natural healing system. Naturopathy underscores the view that the body has natural abilities to resist diseases and to heal itself.
Nature cure is based on the principle that the healing is from within. Nature is of pre-eminence in healing and curing; all that the naturopathic physician does is to lend intelligent assistance and interpret nature’s laws for the patient.
The fact is: DOCTOR TREATS, NATURE HEALS. The self-curative forces inherent in the human body work towards health and healing.
Diseases are mainly due to the accumulation of impurities in the body. Accumulation beyond a certain limit gives rise to diseases, and that is one of nature’s ways of removing the impurities quickly. From the view point of nature cure, disease is to be welcomed if it comes once in a while.
In the diseased state the body tries to excrete all foreign matter and a waste product, which allopathy consider as symptoms of the disease and suppresses them, thereby letting the disease grow unimpeded. Naturopathy, on the contrary, eliminates these symptoms and cures the disease itself.
Cure cannot be obtained without cleansing. We cleanse the external parts of the body as they get dirty, but never try to cleanse the internal parts of the body especially the digestive organs. Internal cleansing is more important. Our body is a complicated machine, whose parts unfortunately cannot be removed, but cleansing it is surprisingly very easy unlike machinery. This is because the unique mechanism of our body – it is an auto cleaner. And cure is effected with little effort.

Theory and Practice

Jeevana Naturopathy aims at providing the life force, prana, to the body by protecting it from internal and external threats. It helps in physical and mental well being. This can be achieved by harmonious and coordinated functioning of the five elements of nature. Control over senses is the foundation of good health. A well planned life and positive thinking has a favorable effect on the healing process. Simple or satvic food, proper rest, sound sleep, cleanliness, and peaceful mind are the features of a planned life style.
Nature cure health experts do not believe in giving poisonous drugs to kill germs. They rather purify the blood and tissues to develop immunity. Lowered vitality and increase of toxic and morbid matter in the body causes a diseased state.

Nature as medicine

One of the medicines is the food we eat; correctly used, food itself becomes medicine.
This means that patients are not given uniform food.
Each is given the food that will lead to the cure.
Control over senses is the foundation of good health.

Body-mind harmony

The body-mind unit must be in harmony with the environment. No injurious influx can enter the body without the influence of the mind. Our emotions influence bodily functions. Mental attitudes of a person determine the type of influence a disease will have over the body. Most of the chronic diseases have an unmistakable connection with emotions. Even common cold, stomach pain and headaches are triggered by emotions.

Curable diseases

A partial list of diseases that can be cured through naturopathy are Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Allergies, Blood Pressure, Back pain, Cholesterol, Obesity, Psoriasis and critical illnesses such as Cancer, Heart attack, Tumour, etc.