Self Healing Centers

The body is the most basic medium by which any living being communicates with the 5 elements that sustain life on Planet Earth. This makes the flow of Earth, Water, Ether, Sunlight and Air most essential for maintaining the balance and stability of the body. The constant exchange and dependence between the body and mind also has a major role in staying healthy and peaceful. As far as human beings are concerned the loss of balance between the elements and body leads to discomfort which we define as disease. The perfect and wonderful machine that our body is has its own homeostatic mechanism by which it corrects and adjusts any anomalies. But for this to happen 2 important factors are prerequisite – Patience and Time- the patience to listen and be sensitive to the body and the time to allow self correction. This is the most natural way in which one can reinstate health and peace of the body and mind.

Our Natural healing centres in Kerala

1. Aluva, Ernakulam

Nature life ernakulam branch

  • Near Madhrasa
    Bakary stop
    Eloorkkara, Aluva
  • Ph:94960 44538

2. Near civil station, Kozhikode

This centre situated near the civil station, Kozhikode, has a facility of 50 beds, 2 full time doctors,13 nursing staff. Health seminars and exhibitions are conducted here every month.

3. Kodannur, Thrissur


  • Kodannur P.O, Chakyarkadavu
  • Ph:9496044519

4. Uriyakode, Thiruvananthapuram

Camp site of Nature Life Champakkara, Health seminars and exhibitions are conducted here every month.

  • Poomala, Uriyakode
  • Ph:9496044514

5. Kayamkulam

Camp site of Nature Life Champakkara,. Health seminars and exhibitions are conducted here every month.

  • Kayamkulam
    Pallikkal, Kattanam
    Alappuzha - 690503
  • Ph:94960 44520

6. Pattikkad, Thrissur

Naturopathy & Ayurveda Hospital

  • Otees Road,
    Pattikad, Thrissur,
    Kerala 680652
  • Ph:94960 44505

7. Alappuzha

Newly inaugurated center