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Healing Means

Though our body has the power and strength to correct any problems and regain balance and health, there are some simple and effective means by which we can help it regain the homeostasis and balance. Naturopathy or natural healing has been utilizing the elements and factors like water, sun,earth food and exercise to assist the body/ affected body parts to correct itself. Most of this is focused on removing the toxic elements that are the root cause of the malfunction.

Diet Therapy

You are what you eat is an adage that we have heard for years. The body that makes us what we are exists so because of what is given to it in order to maintain energy and life force. So the quality of food is the most important pre-requisite to maintain health and balance. It is not only what you eat that matters but how and when you eat it too.

Natural life and naturopathy advocates the need to maintain a harmonious body in comfort and health with the intake of pure, fresh, tasty and nutritious food. It also stresses the need to take the right amount of food in the right time in the midst of pleasant and clean atmosphere. This alone will ensure that toxins will not accumulate in the body as part of food that are actually body-builders rather than breakers.

Naturopathy introduces you to the right diet chart that will address your special health problems along with long term preventive steps. Depending on the condition that is causing discomfort the naturopathy diet will range from fasting sessions, raw uncooked food, fruit/ nut diet, vegetarian diet and so on. The dos and don’ts of the diet therapy are also based on empowering the body to heal on its own.

Yoga Therapy

The need to ensure that all body organs stay in working condition and health is the need of the mind as well as the physical self. This has to be done not through rigorous exercises that strain and stress the body beyond a limit but through slow and harmonious movement s in tune with the natural breathing pattern of the system.

Yoga is the most effective and time-

Tested means by which the body can be constantly kept in a state of equilibrium and balance. It is neither a body building system nor is it a weight reduction regime. It is a scientific means of harmonizing the positive forces in the body to maximize energy flow and functions. It is also a means to stabilize the mind and set it on the path of relaxation and de-stress. Naturopathy utilizes the various levels of Yoga to address the diverse means through which the human body and mind can be healed and corrected.

Healing Therapies

Naturopathy has created a regime for healing with the help of water, sun ,earth and so on.


The HYDROTHERAPY method where water is used to heal the affected part has been proven effective especially in correction of localized inflammations and pain. Spinal bath, hip bath, wet girdle are special treatments fo r inflammations . Eye, nose wash and gargling help to remove toxins, dust and discomfort in these sensitive areas.

Mud Therapy

The capacity of mud in healing has been known from time immemorial. The mud packs in various areas of the body will help absorb ailments especially of the skin and also relieve pain and strain. Knee pack, neck pack and so on are some of the commonly used mud packs.

Sun Therapy

The immense capacity of the sun to heal and strengthen the body with energy is an area that gives effectiveness to naturopathy. The exposure of affected area to the rays of the early morning sun and the evening sun will do wonders in healing certain problems. All of the above healing therapies will be suggested to the patient accompanied by a diet chart in the Nature Life Hospitals under the supervision of a trained physician. This will be done in such a way that the patient will be empowered to do it all on his/her own after a few days.

This makes the slogan COME A PATIENT, RETURN A DOCTOR practically true.