3 simple detox diets you can start today

3 simple detox diets you can start today

Losing weight and cleansing the body, as previously stated, occur simultaneously. In fact, weight loss is one of the first symptoms of cellular purification, given that fat is essentially toxic build-up. Again, the elimination of pollutants must take place before the cells can be rejuvenated. Therefore, following Nature Cure's nutritional guidelines, ordered from intense (requiring one to three months) to gradual cleansing (requiring one to three years), ensures weight loss while simultaneously promoting health and vitality.

No matter how many years you have of polluting your body, as long as your still alive, you may reverse the damage by adhering to these dietary guidelines.

I. One Month Intense Detoxification Programme

(For severe patients or individuals with strong will power and light work schedules)

II. Become a Fruitarian or eat only raw fruits and vegetables

That's right – eat fruit. Eat only fruit as long as possible – two weeks, two months, or longer – consume ONLY fresh natural fruit and REAL fruits juices (that you've squeezed yourself) and take total rest. Your body will contend with any physical ailments and imbalances on its own. Eating only fruit (which 90% water) will cleanse the system and flood the body with vitamins and minerals, allowing the liver and other organs to relax and rejuvenate. This method essentially washes out accumulated waste in the digestive track. Fructose (natural sugar from fruit) does not require digestion and is absorbed naturally, thus giving rest to the digestive system. Feeling tired occurs only when the body needs to shut its person down in order to focus on internal problems and clean out its toxins. Healthy individuals do not feel tired on a fruit diet because they have adequate vitamins ti keep them going strong throughout their day.

FYI: Quite contrary to popular thinking, a fruit diet does in fact cure hypoglycemia as well as thrush, and does not cause diabetes. Patients with diabetes should take a one to three month raw vegetable diet and then slowly introduce sour fruits. Subsequently, according to the patient's blood sugar levels, he/she may have sweet fruits as an alternative.

Fruit has a relationship with the tongue in which it knows how to select the fruits it needs. There are times when pineapple or kiwi leaves the tongue with a burning or itching sensation, as well as times when bananas for some reason taste like heaven. The tongue selects the fruit the body needs. While it is advised not to mix sweet fruits with sour fruits and to eat melon and cantaloupe separately, it is best to leave the fruit selecting to your taste buds! On the contrary, the tongue does not have this relationship with meat, and people have no indication that they are eating incorrectly until indigestion kicks in. For patients on extended fruit diets, it is imperative that the individual gradually eases his/her way back onto a regular vegan diet by slowly introducing raw vegetables and subsequently, cooked food. The process should be as follows:

From extended fruit diet to

III. Strict Food Combinations – a less intense, yet detoxifying diet

Unquestionably, the key to health and longevity is fundamentally the constant, uninterrupted flow of energy in the body. While the energy we use originates from the five elements, a large amount of what fuels our body derives from food consumption. Thus, the uninterrupted flow of absorption, utilisation, and elimination of food, or in other words, digestion, are the foundation for physical health and well-being. Whenever that flow of energy is disturbed, imbalance results and illness occurs.

In order to achieve digestive health, it is imperative that food is consumed and combined properly.

To begin with, proteins and carbohydrates should not be eaten together, due to the fact that the enzymes used to digest each group neutralise when working concurrently in the stomach and prolong the digestion process. More accurately, digesting protein uses acid based enzymes and takes approximately three hours, however digesting carbohydrates, employing alkaline based enzymes, requires about two to three hours to leave the body. In addition, protein is digested in the intestines, unlike carbohydrates, which are digested in the stomach.

Suppose you consume rice with almonds, both of which are healthy and nutritious. However, once the acid-based enzymes encounter the alkaline-based enzymes, the result is often physical discomfort (indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, etc.) and calls for 8–24 hours to digest one meal. Thus, the nutritious food becomes toxic to the system and is accordingly stored in the fat cells. Furthermore, when eating three incorrectly combined meals per day, the food is constantly entering the stomach before the digestion process is finished. The outcome is added confusion, discomfort, and digestive disorders.

Combining food correctly preserves energy and prevents digestive disorders as well as diseases of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood, bones, and muscles.

Additionally, fruit must be eaten alone, given that fruit is 90% water and requires only 20–30 minutes to digest. When eaten with protein or carbohydrates, necessitating 2–3 hours to digest, the food will again be useless to the body as a result of digestive chaos. For this reason, choose to eat fruit 20–30 minutes before a meal or 2–3 hours after.

To sum up:

Consume ONLY natural, fresh, unprocessed food. Do not eat refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, white flour, salt, or animal products (including dairy). Be natural, follow your instincts – there is no set diet other than the recommended one cooked and two raw meals per day. Do what works best for you.

IV. Regular Nature Cure Diet

Same as above, however, you may mix your fruit with the rest of your food, as long as you eat your fruit first.

Apart from taking complete rest during the detoxification process, patients should also perform intestinal enema once or twice daily, as well as nasal wash using a neti pot with lukewarm water (add a very small pinch of salt and lemon or lime), throat wash (use the same mixture as the nasal wash liquid, but make it slightly stronger), and eye wash. It is also important to get 30 minutes to one hour of sunlight daily and to perform yoga regularly. Enema should be performed after your morning bowel movement and before bed during the detoxification process. Avoid liver and colon cleanses, as the machines kill off the good bacteria, causing more problems than constipation.