Achieving and Maintaining Proper Health

Take a look at nature. What gives us life? How are we physically empowered? What is the key to physical health and wellbeing? It has been understood for centuries that the body derives its energy from the five elements – air, water, fire, vital force, and earth.

Air:With air or the ability to breathe, we cannot live for more than a few minutes. Thus, we can assume then the health of the body depends largely upon the strength and capacity of the lungs to breathe properly. Millions of people breathe incorrectly. If you're not guilty of it yourself, you've probably heard others with shallow, wheezy, uncontrolled oxygen intake. It has been preached for centuries, the benefits of yoga, meditation, and Pranayama breathing, yet the majority of Westerners turn to inhalers, dehumidifiers, and oxygen tanks, rather than the $10 yoga mat. If people simply scrapped the cigarettes and spent 15–30 minutes per day sitting and focussing on and their breath, a large number of respiratory problems would be easily eliminated.

Water: While we cannot live for more than a few days without water, proper hydration is essential for maintaining health. However, everyone needs different amounts of water. The body will tell you through "thirst" how much water it needs. The myth that we should drink 50–75 percent of our body weight in ounces of water per day overwhelms the kidneys and hinders its ability to purify blood. Don't drown yourself; just listen to your body's command. Additionally, mineral water is unnatural and difficult to assimilate. Drink clean, regular tap or bottled water.

Vital force: Vital force is derived from living foods and cosmic energy that is commonly experienced through meditation and other spiritual and religious practices. The mind-body- spirit connection is extremely important when considering health and wellness and experienced on a personal-individual level.

Fire: The fire in our bodies is used to perform digestion and organise a fever when the body is under toxic overload. We derive this power from the sun by absorbing direct sunlight during sunrise and sunset. 30 minutes to one hour per day is sufficient.

Earth:Direct from the ground – fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the only foods the body needs to maintain proper health. Yet, the majority of physical problems are a result of eating incorrectly. If achieving good health is as easy as eating only earth foods, why is it that we have so many degenerative diseases and health issues? We have been given wrong information regarding health. Indeed, we must familiarise ourselves with ancient knowledge, which we can find every day by observing nature. The five elements provide us with energy; however, they do not heal the body. Healing is the life force of the body. The quality of your food produces the quality of your blood. The quality of your blood produces the quality of your cells, enzymes, bodily fluids, and hormones, which produce the quality of the organs. The quality of your organs produces the quality of your energy. Therefore, good air, good food, good water = good health. Food, when consumed correctly, can detoxify and act as medicine to the body. So let us examine weight loss, nutrition and detoxification, which undeniably stand as one.