Weight Loss

Essentially, fat is the overload of toxic material, which the body can no longer eliminate, that is stored in the fat cells to keep the organs safe. While the discriminatory stigma that individuals with a weight problem lack motivation and will power, the fact of the matter is that not only are we conditioned to believe myths and lies about nutrition, but much of the food we consume is poisonous and addictive. The additives in food that we find at our friendly grocery store are as deadly as street drugs, encouraging dependence, cravings, and depression. In fact, we only psychologically crave food that degenerates and degrades the body. Additionally, those who eat vegetarian diets, yet are still fatigued and battling unwanted pounds, are perhaps eating the right foods but combining them incorrectly, which will also lead to toxicity and weight gain.
Examining hunger: Hunger is the appestat in the brain believing that the body has not been fed because it does not have sufficient nutrients. Some people always feel hungry or find themselves standing in front of the refrigerator after a meal because their food was devoid of nutritious content. This means that the food was not only unusable, but required a tremendous amount of energy to digest and store that which could not be eliminated in the fat cells (as far away from the organs as possible). Eating incorrectly leads to cravings, over-eating, exhausting the body's enzymes, and the build-up of toxins in the systems. Indeed, diets high in acidic content will cause hunger only one hour after eating (false hunger*).
The friendly sweet tooth: Humans naturally have a sweet tooth because the body uses glucose for energy. Refined sugars have manipulated our taste buds into no longer craving fruit. However, after several weeks of eating only natural foods, fruits tastes wonderfully sweet again. *False hunger is a heavy, painful, empty sensation due to the acidity in the stomach. Eat only fresh natural fruit juice or coconut water when experiencing false hunger.