Nature Cure

Nature Cure

The following prospectus outlines Indian neuropath, Dr. Jacob Vadakkenchery's philosophy, Nature Cure, with support from various authors, revealing the ins and outs of natural hygiene, cellular strength, and physical stamina. Subject matter, including pain, medications, naturally detoxifying the body, nutrition, and overall health and wellness are all interconnected and discussed in this paper.

Our Natural Healing Intelligence

We are taught to dread the body's natural cleansing mechanisms and encouraged to fear disease, conditioned to believe that the body is vulnerable to the constant attack of bacteria, infectious germs, and viruses. We view the body as a hapless victim that must be safeguarded through the use of allopathic medications.

This is a lethal falsehood that fortifies pharmaceutical companies and terminates billions of lives.

Our bodies are healers, not victims. Let us consider common sense: When a bone is broken and the doctor places a cast around the injury, who heals the bone? When the doctor stitches a wound, does he also create a scab and magically put the skin back together? Who is the true healer?

Our bodies have instinctive and eternal healing intelligence that is light years beyond human comprehension.

Why do we think we know more than our body? Do we tell our heart how to beat? Do we tell our body how to digest our food? First and foremost, it is imperative that we reconsider the aptitude of the human body and recognize that our insignificant brain power cannot possibly ascertain the intelligence of our bodies.

Believing that we need to fix our bodies through medication is working against the body's intelligence and causes nothing but cellular damage. The key to health and longevity, therefore, is to allow the bodies to perform its healing power without uselessly intervening. Consequently, we must aim at listening to our body's commands and responding accordingly.