Cancer is the end result of years of terminating the body's natural detoxification process with dangerous poisons – allopathic medications and vaccines. Cancer is also caused by chemically engineered poisons such as processed food, refined sugar, preservatives, and artificial additives that the body can no longer eliminate.

The cycle looks something like this: suppress a cold with cold medicine and six months to a year later, a cough develops (the body's next attempt to organise a detox). Suppress the cough with inhalers and remedies for bronchitis and eventually the patient ends up with symptoms of allergies. Suppress the allergies with medications and the individual develops headaches. Suppress the headache and migraines follow. Suppress the migraines and the outcome is asthma. The cycle of medical complaints and physical weakness, to allopathic medications, to more dangerous illnesses, eventually ends with cancer and/or auto-immune diseases.

There is no localised health problem.

The body is one system – all parts function together. High blood pressure is not a separate problem from chronic fatigue or acne – all physical ailments and irritations that the body needs to eliminate toxins.

Contrary to popular belief, tumours actually indicate strength, given that the body has collected all of the toxic materials and trapped the poisons to one cluster, so as to contend with them more efficiently. In fact, cancer patients are often healthier than individuals with toxins spread throughout their entire body. Thus, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are far more dangerous than the actual tumours.