Healing Crises

Healing Crises

Oftentimes, when the body is highly toxic, healing crises will occur during the detoxification process. Essentially, many of our old ailments and health problems come back to haunt us when we finally allow our body to rid itself of the toxic material. Healing crises, such as vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach or intestinal pain, skin irritation and ulcers, vertigo, headache, body aches, fever, etc., vary depending upon the age, amount of cellular strength, and severity of the disease of each patient. Healing crises are, in fact, a blessing and indicate inner strength as well as the elimination of toxic materials. Normally the healing crises during Nature Cure practice will be mild and last a short period of time.

It is extremely important that if healing crises should occur, the patient does not suppress the body's natural and safe detoxification process with medications or food.

Individuals experiencing healing crises should take complete rest and fast on water or coconut water until the symptoms subside. Diarrhoea may last from 12–24 hours. (High acidic content in the body causes mouth, stomach and intestinal ulcers.)

During water fasting, a patient might vomit acidic water or yellow toxic waste, depending on the severity of his/her physical condition. A common healing crisis, false hunger, is a burning empty sensation due to the acidity in the stomach. True hunger should be a light, pleasant feeling. When the healing crises pass, the mouth will feel clean, the body light, and the stomach will feel settled.

Additional Nature Cure treatments, which alleviate symptoms, but again, do not cure physical problems, are mud pack, hip bath, spinal bath, wet pack, sea-salt bath, head-rinsing, and self massage.